7+ Fail-Proof Ways to Help You Secure Business Capital Quickly

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7+ Fail-Proof Ways to Help You Secure Business Capital Quickly (AUDIO)

Whether you are just getting started in your entrepreneurial journey or have been at it for a while, capital is an essential resource that most businesses need to grow.

Whether you want to raise money to improve your current business model or expand into new markets, many different options are available for raising capital.

There are multiple ways in raising capital aside from venture capital firms, angel investors, investment bankers, and institutional investors.

This article will discuss the ten fastest ways to secure capital and how they can help grow your business as follows.

  1. Partner with other businesses for joint advertising
  2. Offer to provide services for another business
  3. Send referrals to another company’s website or social media page
  4. Sell assets
  5. Offer promo codes and discounts
  6. Offer your expertise
  7. Offer your business as collateral
  8. Collaborate on an event together
  9. Ask for testimonials from other businesses you’ve worked with
  10. Host a crowdfunding campaign

10 Fastest Ways to Secure Capital

1. Partner with Other Businesses for Joint Advertising

Capital Raising

It is one of the fastest raising money options available. By partnering with companies in similar markets, you can reach new potential investors and customers to increase your revenue.

It is an excellent option for most entrepreneurs because the capital requirements are minimal compared to other methods of capital funds like an initial public offering, bank loans, or private equity, which require massive capital investment.

2. Offer to Provide Services for Another Business

Partnering with established companies is an excellent way of raising capital, but if you want money quickly and without much risk, offer services for another business.

This option works well with small and large businesses because it is customizable around any industry or market to find companies that may need your service.

3. Send referrals to another company’s website or social media page

Raising funds for your growing business without using your own money is tedious. One thing you can do is send referrals to another company’s website or social media page. This capital-raising approach works best for businesses that do not have an online presence because the capital involved in setting up a digital marketing campaign costs more than sending just one referral link.

This capital-raising technique is not for every business. Still, if you have a service or product that can easily send to another company’s customers, this approach could be the best option.

4. Sell assets

Private investors, equity financing, and venture capitalists are the only way to raise outside capital to promote growth in your business.

Selling assets is one of the most common ways to raise capital quickly. You can increase your revenue and lower costs by selling off unnecessary equipment while maintaining an acceptable profitability level.

This option works best for companies on top of their expenses because they could save tens of thousands of dollars in capital funds by cutting back some spending now.

Selling capital assets can be a great way to raise capital, but it works best when your company’s sold equipment is outdated or no longer needed.

5. Offer Promo Codes and Discounts

Promotional codes are among the fastest capital-raising options available because they require virtually no capital. You can use promo codes for any business, from retail stores to tech companies. You have to offer a promo code in exchange for a customer’s email address or social media post about your company.

This capital-raising option works best if the service or product offered by your business requires little capital to set up but can be you can capitalize with the use of promo codes.

6. Offer Your Expertise

Capital Raising

If you are good in a specific area, offer your expertise to other businesses in exchange for cash. This capital-raising option works best if you have knowledge and experience that can help companies succeed, such as the skills of a successful entrepreneur or an expert in marketing strategies.

7. Offer Your Business as Collateral

Suppose you have assets worth more than the amount of capital that your business needs. You can offer your business as capital. It is an excellent option for capital-raising because it provides investors a chance to invest without giving up ownership of the company.

This capital raising approach works best if you are looking for capital that will not cost much but provides enough capitalization to grow your business into something bigger and better than before!

8. Collaborate on an event together

If you are looking to raise capital quickly, one way to do it is by collaborating on an event together. This business idea works best for companies who want money without giving up too much ownership of the company since this option provides capital with little risk and cost.

However, this approach may not be ideal if your business requires considerable capital. Still, it is excellent for companies that are just starting and need money without giving up too much of the business.

9. Ask for testimonials from other businesses you’ve worked with

Credibility is vital for capital raising, and one way to gain credibility is by collecting testimonials from other companies you have worked with previously. Testimonials are critical factors most financial services will look at before working with you.

It will help them decide how much money they can invest in your company. Although this tactic can be time-consuming, it dramatically helps businesses gain capital without giving up control.

10. Host a Crowdfunding Campaign

If you are looking to raise capital quickly, one of the best ways to do this is by hosting a crowdfunding campaign. This capital-raising approach works well if your business requires little money to grow and operates on minimal budgets since this option provides capital with shallow risk. 


These are the capital-raising options that can raise capital quickly for your business. Some of these capital-raising techniques work better than others, so it is essential to research what type of investor you are looking for and how much capital is available before selecting the best option.

The Fully Funded Method

The Fully Funded Method is a complete capital-raising system that provides a step-by-step guide on raising capital for your business if you need more capital-raising strategies.



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