11 Unique Sponsorship Packages Ideas Other Than Money

sponsorship packages

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11 Unique Sponsorship Packages Ideas Other Than Money (AUDIO)
sponsorship packages

Sponsorship packages are a great way to generate revenue when you have something valuable to offer in return. However, not everyone has the exact needs or resources to be used as sponsorship incentives.

Some businesses and potential sponsors lack the financial resources to sponsor an event, but this isn’t necessarily a negative situation. Instead, it’s a chance for you to develop your most innovative event sponsorship package offerings yet.

Expanding your event sponsorship options beyond money may enhance the number of potential event sponsors and encourage you to think outside the box. This article will help your company benefit through creative sponsorship package ideas.

Creative Non-Monetary Event Sponsorship Ideas

Sponsorships don’t just revolve around financial contributions. There are many attractive sponsorship packages that your business can ask for an event sponsor. Here are a few creative non-monetary event sponsorship ideas:

Company swag or branded merchandise to all attendees

It is an excellent way to promote your sponsor’s business and give something back to the attendees during in-person events. The event participants will be excited to receive a gift branded with the sponsor’s logo and information. They’ll be reminded of your company each time they use or wear the item.

You can use products or services as raffle prizes.

Another great way to show appreciation for event participants is by using their products or services as raffle prizes. You’ll be able to provide your partner’s products or services while giving the attendees a chance to win something free and exciting at the same time. You can do this on both virtual and hybrid events.

Make products or services as giveaways.

You can offer free samples, coupons, and other promotional items is another great way for the sponsor to display its brand while giving something back to your target audience.

You’ll help out potential new customers by providing them with the opportunity to try a product they might not have otherwise had the chance to experience. Plus, you can create excitement by giving away high-quality items branded with your company logo.

An app for the event

If your potential sponsor is a tech company, they may be willing to provide an app for the event. It works well with virtual events to help make it easier for attendees to access information about your event and promote future sponsorships.

Tech companies may be out of your business’ industry, but it doesn’t mean they are entirely out of your sponsorship package ideas. Your company can benefit from non-financial sponsorships just as much, if not more, than a financial contribution.

Time or resources to create social media posts or advertisements

If you are willing to connect with the right people in your industry, it may be possible for the sponsor to donate time or resources to create social media posts or advertisements. It can be a valuable sponsorship opportunity for them because it allows them to have their name and logo seen by many potential customers quickly.

Food/beverage for an event

This type of sponsorship is excellent when you host events in-person, such as conferences, conventions, seminars, etc. Many event planners use this. If you cannot cover all attendees’ food and beverage costs, consider having a sponsor do so in exchange for branding on-site. It will ensure that everyone who attends your event will know your sponsor’s messaging.

Complimentary event tickets

Sponsoring event attendance is a great way to get your company ahead of potential customers. If you can provide your partners with complimentary tickets to the events they support, their guests will be introduced to your brand and may even become future customers.

An event booth

Event booths can provide an excellent opportunity for sponsors to interact with potential and current customers. If you’re looking for a way to allow sponsors more face time with attendees, consider having them sponsor an event booth. It will give the sponsor some extra advertising space and a place to meet and greet people interested in their products or services.

Giveaway coupons

sponsorship packages

If your potential sponsor is a business that provides a tangible good or service, consider giving away coupons for discounts on future purchases. It is an excellent way to encourage event participants to do business with the sponsor in the future. It will create goodwill between your company and the sponsor, but it will also help boost sales for the sponsor down the road.

Venue locations and event materials

If you are holding an event for your company, having a venue accessible to your event attendees is crucial for the event’s success. A sponsored forum will help keep your costs down while giving the event participants a meeting place.

If you cannot cover the costs of materials such as event signage, name tags, and welcome packets, consider having a sponsor do so in exchange for branding on these items.

Transportation services

Access to transportation at an event can benefit both attendees and sponsors alike. Suppose you can secure sponsorship of the ride. In that case, it will give everyone who attends easy access and allow all the company’s vehicles to carry the brand with the sponsor’s logo and information.

Final Words

There are many different sponsorship packages that your company can offer its partners other than money. By thinking outside the box, you’ll be able to come up with creative ideas that will benefit both your business and your potential sponsors. So get brainstorming and come up with a perfect package for your next event!



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